Oz Kiwi delegation going to Canberra

In early November, Oz Kiwi volunteers will be returning to Canberra to continue pushing for a solution to the issues faced by Kiwis in Australia. We made good progress in June and November 2015 and hope to build on that.

There is growing support for change in Canberra and Wellington, and we must ensure we maintain momentum. After fifteen years, we are beginning to see cracks in the Australian political consensus on this issue – there is an increasing recognition that the current situation is unsustainable. Our delegation will seek to turn this recognition into action.

A small number of Oz Kiwi volunteers should not need to carry all the expenses of a campaign that will help hundreds of thousands. We therefore ask you to donate to support sending the delegation to Canberra. Every donation, large or small, is gratefully received by Oz Kiwi and its tireless volunteers.

Thank you to all who have previously donated! However, we need more donations if our volunteers are not to be left out of pocket. Any support you can give will be most gratefully received.

If total donations exceed the cost of sending the delegation to Canberra, we’ll put the left over funds toward sending further delegations in future. Please consider donating, Oz Kiwi is run by volunteers and entirely funded by public donations.

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