Calling Petrie and Forde electorate residents

10 October 2016

Do any of you or your whanau live in the electorates of Petrie or Forde?

Petrie electorate (QLD)

Deception Bay, North Lakes, Redcliffe, Griffin, Rothwell, and Mango Hill 

Forde electorate (QLD)

Loganlea, Park Ridge, Beenliegh, Chambers Flat, Holmview, Eagleby, Shailer Park and Carbrook

If you’re happy to share your situation with us, please email Oz Kiwi, and let us know:

  • your residency status: non-protected SCV, RRV eligble or have received protected SCV (ie haven’t got around to citizenship) non-protected SCV and may be eligible for proposed new pathway 
  • the issues you face as a non-protected SCV, for example, lack of access to student loans, ADF, and federal jobs.

We would also LOVE to hear positive stories:

  • do you own a business?
  • undertake volunteer work?
  • have any sporting achievements?

Please note, we don’t promote businesses, if you are an entreprenureal Kiwi, please email these details to the Secretary.

We know social security assistance is an issue for non-protected SCV holders.

This information will assist us during our meetings in Canberra in four weeks.

Thank you.

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