Peter Mares at Readings

There was an interesting public conversation last night [Thursday 11th August 2016] in Melbourne between Peter Mares and James Button on the topic of Mares’ new book ‘Not Quite Australian’ and the shifting nature of Australian migration policy.

Mares’ argument that Australia needs to address the emergence of a growing population of ‘indefinitely temporary’ migrants if it is to remain a truly liberal and democratic society is an important one. 

His suggestion that all who live in Australia for 8 years – on whatever visa – should have a pathway to citizenship is a thoroughly reasonable proposal to address this issue and one that we hope will spark a wider debate.


There are other launch events over the next couple of months.


16 August 2016 at the East Hotel


17 August 2016 at Gleebooks, Glebe


28 September 2016 at the Powerhouse

Find out more about Peter Mares’ new book Not Quite Australian.

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