Help change the policies affecting SCV Kiwis

Can we get change, how do we get change and how can we get it quicker?

We get people asking us this regularly, and the short answer is absolutely! But just like most things in life; getting a diploma or degree or training for a particular sport, it takes hard slog.

There is no magic bullet that will solve the issues faced by SCV’s. But change will come through constant lobbying.

A Federal MP – one of our political champions – yes, we do have political champions in Canberra going out to bat for us, has stated: “if you want Canberra to really listen you need more people writing to and meeting with MP’s, expressing their concern etc about the issues, and telling their stories – humanising it.”

We know through our lobbying that Canberra have been paying attention. There may be push back from some MP’s, but by in large, they will listen. We have nearly 40,000 supporters on Facebook, if even half or a third of them wrote to MP’s and met with them, the change would come faster.

Imagine if the 200,000 (approx.) non-protected SCVs, who are most affected by the current policeis, made more noise and got behind us.

There resources and pro forma letters you can download from the Get Involved page. Tell your story and personalise the issues.

Oz Kiwi are small group of volunteers and we are doing all we can. We’ve  got enourmous traction, but of course the political wheels are always slow moving. We’ve put up posts on several occasions about how people can help, and how people can get involved. Unless people let us know, we don’t know how many people are doing that.  So if you are or have, please let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for your continued support.

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