Do you have an ANZ OnePath insurance policy?

07 August 2016

We are interested in hearing from New Zealand citizens permanently residing in Australia who were sold ANZ OnePath insurance policies that failed to cover them.

Affected Kiwis may include those who:

  • were sold policies for which they were ineligible, but did not realise this was the case and have not sought compensation from ANZ OnePath.
  • held ANZ OnePath policies and have previously sought and been denied compensation for the failure of the company’s policies to cover them.
  • held ANZ OnePath policies and were denied payment of a claim on the grounds that they were New Zealand citizens.
  • held ANZ OnePath policies and have since been unable to reinsure themselves with another company, for example due to a pre-existing medical condition.

If you think may fit into any of the these categories, please send email Oz Kiwi.

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