The targeted erosion of New Zealanders’ rights in Australia

Christmas Island Detention Centre
The targeted erosion of New Zealanders rights in Australia (Photo: SBS).

28 July 2016

Sylvia Varnham O’Regan – SBS News

On the face of it, Australia and New Zealand are close neighbours, allies and friends.

But over the past three decades, successive Australian governments have chipped away at the rights of New Zealanders living in this country through a string of changes to the law.

The result is New Zealanders can live in Australia and pay taxes without disturbance, but tens of thousands are excluded from accessing social services and from being granted citizenship.

Without protection, Kiwis are disproportionately vulnerable to new immigration measures targeting foreign nationals. They now make up the largest group of people inside Australian immigration detention centres.

In the past year, two New Zealand-born men have died in detention while facing deportation. Their families continue to wait for answers.

So how did it come to this? SBS tracks the legal changes that led to this point and looks at out how the situation compares across the Tasman.

The SBS article is no longer available online.

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