Kiwis pay the NDIS levy but are denied NDIS services

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New Zealand citizens are the only people in Australia who have to pay the NDIS Levy, but who are then denied NDIS services.

In a remarkably incompetently framed legislative scheme, they are classed as ‘residents’ in the Health Insurance Act that governs the Levy, but are excluded from the definition of ‘resident’ in the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act.

Being charged for an insurance scheme that they and their families cannot access should they need to is infuriating for many Kiwis who have settled in Australia.

The situation is, however, much worse for those with disabled family members, including Australian-born children. As the NDIS is rolled out, these families face being stripped of whatever disability services they are already receiving and being charged for the privilege!

Oz Kiwi continues to work away behind the scenes to have this situation resolved as soon as possible.

How you can help

Contact the Assistant Minister for Social Services and Disability Services and cc the Shadow Minister for Disability and Carers.

You can also email a PDF of  your letter the New Zealand Minister of Health, and Minister for Disability Issues.

Explain why you or your family aren’t eligible for citizenship, and what becoming a citizen would mean to you. Ask what their position is on a fair citizenship pathway for all New Zealanders residing in Australia. Download the NDIS letter template to use.

For more information, refer to National Disability Insurance Scheme Eligibility.

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