Educational prospects for Kiwis reduced since 2001

If you are interested in learning more about how policies enacted since 2001 have affected the educational prospects of New Zealanders in Australia, the joint Griffith University-Queensland University of Technology submission to the Productivity Commission from 2012 is well worth a read.

Drawing on academic research and statistics, it provides a powerful summary of the devastating effects that the denial of student loans and student support payments have had on the ability of young New Zealand citizens to access education in Australia.

Amongst the most significant points it makes are that:

  • young New Zealanders are only half as likely as their peers to be undertaking tertiary study
  • young New Zealanders from poorer backgrounds have been disproportionately affected – only 16 percent of Kiwis enrolling at Griffith University have come from the bottom 50 percent of postcodes by socio-economic status.

Download a copy of the Griffith University-QUT discussion paper.

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