Are you a Kiwi who visited Aust before 1 Sept 1994?

(Photo by John Wheatley used under GNU Free Distribution Licence)

Kiwis who travelled to Australia for any reason before 1 September 1994 were regarded as ‘exempt non-citizens’ under Australian migration law and are now considered to be ‘former permanent residents’.

If you visited Australia as an NZ citizen before this date, you can apply to the Department of Immigration to have a your permanent resident status reinstated. This is done by applying for a Resident Return Visa (RRV).

An application for an RRV costs only $405 and is much less complicated than other permanent visa applications – there is no need to meet points-based criteria and no requirement to undergo police or medical checks.

RRV-holders enjoy the same rights as holders of all other classes of permanent visa and are eligible to apply for Australian citizenship.


Find out more about New Zealanders Eligibility for a Resident Return Visa

Refer to Resident Return Visa information on the Department of Immigration’s website

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