60 percent of Kiwis have no pathway to citizenship

No citizenship pathway

17 July 2016

It is clear that the situation in which most New Zealanders who make Australia their home have no pathway to citizenship must change.

How, in a democratic society, is it possible that someone who lives in a country lawfully for decades, obeys the law, and pays their taxes is denied the ability to gain the right to vote?

The new permanent visa eligibility criteria announced earlier this year will help some Kiwis. However, these changes do not go nearly far enough. Our job will not be complete until there is a fair pathway to citizenship for all who settle in Australia under the Trans-Tasman Travel Agreement.

How you can help

Contact the Minister for Home Affairs, the Hon Peter Dutton and cc and Shadow Minister for Home Affairs Sen Kristina Keneally.

Also email a PDF of your letter the New Zealand Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon Winston Peters MP.

Explain why you or your family aren’t eligible for citizenship, and what becoming a citizen would mean to you. Ask what their position is on a fair citizenship pathway for all New Zealanders residing in Australia. Download the Fair Pathway letter template to use.

For more information, refer to Fair pathway to citizenship.

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