2016 Election Update

Party political support

03 July 2016

All the votes have been cast and much of the counting has been done, but we still do not have a clear election result.

Currently, the most likely possibilities are a very slim Coalition majority or a Coalition minority government. However, a Labor minority government is still a possibility.

In the Senate, there will be an increased number of cross-benchers.

Whatever the final outcome, it is clear the next government will have to negotiate with independents and minor parties to ensure they can enact their legislative agenda. It is clear that no party can claim a firm mandate.

Fortunately, Oz Kiwi has long sought to reach out to minor parties and independents, making them aware of trans-Tasman migration issues and winning their support for change. We plan to redouble our efforts in this area in the coming weeks.

While the make-up of the Federal Parliament will ensure interesting times ahead for Australian politics, it also presents us with an opportunity to have our voices heard and keep up the pressure on the major parties.

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