Speak to your Federal MP and Candidates

Clare O'Neil
Clare O’Neil, ALP Federal MP for Hotham VIC, arguing for a fairer deal for Kiwis in the House of Representatives.

13 June 2016

It shows just how far things have come in the last couple of years. Not long ago, such a speech from an Australian politician would have been almost unimaginable. We thank Ms O’Neil for her support.

Clare’s speech was the result of meeting with Oz Kiwi members, you too can have the same influence on your Federal MP or candidate. Politicians will be busy right now with the election but call their office to find out where they are holding a mobile office and go chat to them.

Even if you can’t vote, your Federal and State Members are still your representatives. Contact them, tell them about the 2001 changes – many are not aware as they were not in Govt at the time. Ask them to discuss this with their Parliamentary colleagues.

Candidates regularly hold mobile offices the in their electorate, especially during the election campaign. Educate them and ask them to help.

Print off the Oz Kiwi Factsheet that outlines the issues.

Watch the video of Clare O’Neil speaking about New Zealanders rights, or read transcript of the speech.

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