RRV & Citizenship Success

4 June 2016

Oz Kiwi has received quite a few messages and emails from supporters confirming they have obtained Resident Return Visa or citizenship.

We thank all those supporters who let us know. As a volunteer organisation, it gives us a lot of satisfaction knowing we are making a positive difference for those hard working tax paying Kiwis who call Australia home.

We know that many, in fact the majority of our supporters are not so lucky. This is why Oz Kiwi continues to work tirelessly to help those non-protected SCVs shut out of a fair pathway to citizenship. Of course, we need your continued support and help to do this.

Please consider donating. Oz Kiwi is run by volunteers and entirely funded by public donations.

You can also write to or attend the offices, including mobile offices, of the candidates in your electorate – whether you can vote or not.  We are now four weeks from the election.

There are letter writing guides for each of the core issues affecting non-protected SCV’s, and resources to provide to your local candidates, under the Get Involved page.

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