Michael Horton on Kiwi rights in Australia

Michael Horton interviewed by Television New Zealand

Michael Horton, former owner of the New Zealand Herald, was interviewed by Television New Zealand and discussed his views on the situation for Kiwis in Australia. The issues were first aired on 20 May 2016 in an NZ Herald article.

Mr Horton paid for an advertisement in the Listener magazine to illustrate the issue.

Listener ad by Michael Horton

Please note: not everything Mr Horton says is correct; he infers that Kiwis won’t be eligible for the retirement pension and healthcare but these are covered under the Trans-Tasman Travel Agreement (TTTA) that governs the free movement of people between the two countries.

Mr Horton is also incorrect in his statement that New Zealanders cannot apply for citizenship, they can but since any Kiwi can emigrate and work here, without restriction, not all would be eligible for a permanent residency visa. They do not need to meet the skilled work visa requirements that other foreign nationals must meet to get PR, and then citizenship.

[Michael Horton was interviewed on TVNZ’s Q+A]

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