Labor Party supports PR for Kiwis

Labor Party Policy
The Australian Labor Party support a fair pathway to citizenship for all New Zealanders residing in Australia.

July 2015

While Oz Kiwi is not politically aligned to any party, we are strongly encouraged by the following Australian Labor Party 2015 National Policy Platform. This is a positive step towards reversing the 2001 changes.

The Australian Labor Party (ALP) adopted the following two policies at its National Conference in July 2015 that are relevant to New Zealanders in Australia.

Australian Labor Party Policy Platform

Chapter 2: A strong economy for all Australians

Skilled Migration (page 28)

85. Labor is committed to ensuring that no migrant is permanently temporary. This recognises that many permanent migrants begin their time in Australia as temporary migrants.

Chapter 9: A fair go for all

The Economic and Social Contribution of Migrants and Refugees (pg 148)

282. Labor believes that there is an inequity for New Zealand citizens living in Australia under the terms of the Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangements (TTTA). Labor believes that there should be consideration given to the permanent residency status and potential citizenship arrangements for New Zealand citizens living in Australia under the terms of the TTTA.

The ALP National Platform is revised ahead of each Federal Election. View Australian Labor’s 2021 National Platform.

More recently the Coalition Government announced a proposed new pathway to permanent residency in February 2016. We have posted about this frequently and will continue to provide updates on the progress of this option.

For more details on the lobbying work Oz Kiwi has been involved in refer to Advocating to Government.

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