Push for joint tourist visas for Australia and New Zealand

Harmonising the visa process for tourists could encourage more visits to Australia and New Zealand. (Photo: Peter Stoop)

Oz Kiwi comment

It makes a lot of sense for Australia and New Zealand to consider this sort of proposal.

However, what is really needed is a broader reconsideration of issues related to the movement of people across the Tasman.

This proposal would certainly be a step forward in forcing a single market, but there have been too many policies towards New Zealanders enacted since 2001 that have undermined trans-Tasman integration.

Push for joint tourist visas for Australia and New Zealand

23 April 2016

Jamie Freed – Senior Reporter, The Age

Australia and New Zealand, due to their geographical proximity and close cultural ties, are often linked in the minds of prospective tourists. But in order to visit both countries on a single trip, tourists need to apply for separate visas. That process can be particularly burdensome and expensive for visitors from growing inbound tourism markets like China and India relative those from traditional markets in North America and Europe due to differing requirements.

And so on the eve of ANZAC Day Australia and New Zealand’s peak tourism industry groups, Tourism & Transport Forum (TTF) and Tourism Industry Association New Zealand (TIANZ), have gone to the immigration and tourism ministers of both countries this week urging them to develop a permanent trans-Tasman tourist visa.

[Read the The Sydney Morning Herald article is no longer available.]

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