Oz Kiwi Survey


02 May 2016

The Oz Kiwi survey has now closed with nearly 1,200 responses. Thank you to everyone who completed the survey, liked the post and shared the link.

Watch this space for a second survey for other Kiwis, eligible to vote, who are not Australian citizens (having arrived here well before 2001).

06 April 2016

Oz Kiwi want to know how may New Zealanders can vote in Australian Federal elections, and their electorate for the 2016 Federal election. In particular, those New Zealanders who have gained citizenship since the 2013 election. There are several marginal electorates in Australia, primarily  in Queensland and New South Wales, with large New Zealand populations.

The survey is only for New Zealanders, residing in Australia, who are dual nationals and are eligible to vote. That is, they have Australian citizenship and can vote in the 2016 Federal election.

You will need to know your Federal electorate to complete the survey.

It is important that even if you cannot vote that you ask your whānau and friends who are dual Australian and New Zealand citizens to complete the survey.

Complete the Oz Kiwi survey.

Oz Kiwi thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the survey.

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