Do you live in the Federal electorate of Dickson?

Can you vote in the Federal election, ie you are a dual New Zealand and Australian citizen?

We need your help!

Dickson’s local MP is Peter Dutton, who also happens to be the Minister for Immigration.

We need Kiwis in Dutton’s electorate to contact him to request to meet in order to discuss policies towards New Zealanders.

Meeting politicians, especially those holding significant portfolios, is of the utmost importance to our cause. Politicians need to hear first hand the effects that current policies are having on so many people.

Peter Dutton’s contact details

3/199 Gympie Road, Strathpine QLD 4500

(07) 3205 9977

If you would like advice on how best to approach Dutton, we are only too happy to help. The Fair Pathway to Citizenship page has information and resourses to get you started.

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