Not eligible for the new pathway to permanent residency?

Date last modified: 27 October 2019

22 March 2016

Are you NOT eligible for the new pathway to permanent residency for New Zealanders?

Many of you will be aware that the Australian government recently announced an additional pathway to permanent residence, and therefore citizenship, for some New Zealand non-protected special category visa (SCV) holders. The additional visa pathway available from 1 July 2017.

Oz Kiwi understands that not all New Zealanders residing in Australia will be able to apply. Instead of complaining about it why not take your issue to the Government?

Write to the Minister for Immigration Hon Peter Dutton explaining why you and/or your family aren’t eligible for the new visa. Tell him what it would mean for you to become a citizen, eg you want to vote, or your children want to study and won’t be able to access HELP loans.

You can also email a PDF of your letter the New Zealand Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rt Hon Winston Peters.

You can also:

  • write to, or meet with, your local Federal MP at their electorate office
  • speak to them at a mobile office or public event
  • call their electorate office or Parliament House office
  • message them via email or their website
  • post a comment on their Facebook or Twitter

The Get Involved page has resources to help you, and explains some of the issues for New Zealanders in Australia. The Raise Awareness page also has tips for contacting MPs and Senators.

Oz Kiwi is a volunteer organisation and relies entirely on public donations to fund its work. Every donation, no matter how small, helps to support change. Have you considered making a regular weekly or monthly donation?

If you are eligible to vote, check your enrolment details are up-to-date ahead of the election.

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