Travel insurance win for SCV New Zealanders

There has been a win in the insurance game for New Zealanders in Australia on the Special Category Visa (SCV).

AAI insurance – underwriters for the Suncorp Group – has changed their definition of permanent resident in regards to travel insurance applications to include residents eligible for Medicare (as Kiwis are under the reciprocal TTTA agreement).

When you click the ‘Get a quote’ button a screen opens to complete your details to receive a quote. The following question states:

Are you a permanent Australian resident?

You need to be a permanent Australian resident to purchase this policy. This means you need to be either:

  1. an Australian citizen, or
  2. a person who resides in Australia and is eligible for an Australian Medicare card.

If you have any questions regarding any of your own insurance policies then contact your provider and clarify the definition and your cover. Explain the SCV is a temporary visa, that you are able reside indefinitely but are not a permanent resident (as per the Immigration Act).

For more information go to the Suncorp website.

[Source Oz Kiwi Facebook]

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