Oz Kiwi needs your help

While yesterday some progress was made, Oz Kiwi needs your support now more than ever!

We need to push hard now for a true solution to the problems caused by the 2001 changes – one that will help all Kiwis of good character who have made Australia their home.

Our campaign from this point will focus on three main points:

  • removing the income and health eligibility criteria for the pathway to citizenship
  • making a pathway to citizenship permanent and available to all regardless of arrival date
  • reducing costs and simplifying the process for those seeking citizenship

To achieve this we’ll need to travel to Canberra and Wellington to build support for change, we’ll have to have a new set of policy costing made, we’ll need to intensify our lobbying efforts, and we’ll to mobilise the community in the lead up to the election. We cannot do any of this without your financial support.

Please donate to allow us to ensure that ALL Kiwis have a fair pathway to citizenship.

[Donate via the Oz Kiwi website]

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