‘Loophole’ may exist for Australian residence

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We wouldn’t say RRV eligibility for New Zealanders as a ‘loophole’ – it is merely a result of the history of Australian migration policy.

We are, however, happy to see that this option to gain a more secure status is getting some much needed publicity.

Only a few thousand New Zealanders have so far taken up this option. However, it is likely that more than half of all non-protected Kiwis are eligible – more than those who would be eligible for the visa option announced on Friday.

Applying for an RRV is a straightforward and relatively inexpensive process.

‘Loophole’ may exist for Australian residence

24 February 2016 (NewsHub)

Many Kiwis may be thrilled with a new pathway to Australian citizenship – but there’s already a little-known loophole to getting permanent residence, an advocacy group says.

A door has been opened for about 100,000 New Zealanders who have lived across the ditch for at least five years to apply for Australian citizenship.

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