Key and Turnbull meeting on Fri 19 February 2016

18 February 2016 Oz Kiwi

We hope that progress will be made at tomorrow’s bilateral meeting. 

For too long, the results of flawed policies on New Zealanders in Australia have gone unaddressed.

These problems will not go away by themselves, but will only get worse with each successive year that current polices remain in place. The longer these problems are allowed to continue, the harder they will be to resolve.

Once again, we urge both governments to go back to first principles and formulate policies on trans-Tasman migrants that are fair, reasonable, and fit with their stated goals of created a seamless Australasian economy.

Our proposal for what would be a fair solution is simple – trans-Tasman migrants should receive equal treatment and eligibility for citizenship after no more than five years of residence.

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