Busy year for Oz Kiwi

17 January 2016

It is looking like 2016 will be another busy year for Oz Kiwi.

Amongst the activities we are planning are:

  • sending a delegation to Wellington to educate New Zealand politicians about the situation facing Kiwis in Australia and encourage them to engage more with their Australian counterparts on this issue.
  • sending another delegation to Canberra to continue the work we started last year in building cross-party support for policy change.
  • mobilising Kiwis in Australia in the lead up to the federal election – we’ll be providing lots of support to make it easier for you to write to and meet with your local candidates and relevant ministers.
  • holding more public meetings and attending more festivals. As ever, it remains important for us to engage with the community – there are still many people who have little knowledge of the current situation.


Of course, none of this is possible without your support. We will need to receive a steady stream of donations throughout the year to make any of this possible. All donations – large and small – are gratefully received by our hard-working volunteers.

Oz Kiwi is a volunteer organisation and relies entirely on public donations to fund its work. Every donation, no matter how small, helps to support change. Have you considered making a regular weekly or monthly donation?

Oz Kiwi busy year

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