Australia Day highlights our nation’s inequalities

More flexibility with rights and citizenship would give greater credence to the claims of openness and inclusion so often made by Australians.

20 January 2016

An excerpt from today’s Courier Mail article:

“Australia needn’t just throw the gates open, but more nuance is needed. The binary approach where citizenship is an absolute boundary between insiders and outsiders is an anachronism in a globalised world.

A more sophisticated approach to those choosing to live in Australia will pay dividends for all.

Migrants of all backgrounds will feel more included and able to develop to their full potential. Australia will benefit from greater social cohesion, a better ability to absorb and integrate communities and an ability to make full use of people’s economic potential. It may even make the difference for some people in choosing to settle permanently in Australia.

The obvious starting point would be to grant more rights to New Zealanders and permanent residents, as well as shortening the time lags in getting citizenship for those who want it.”

[Courier Mail source]

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