Paul: It stinks: no help for autistic Ryan

Four-year-old Ryan Garner… a gorgeous, cheeky little bloke.

1 December  2015 – (CityNews) 2CC’s Marcus Paul meets a Canberra family crying out for help

“Phil, now struggling with three jobs to support his family, rises each morning around 1am – catching some sleep between shifts,”

QUITE often providing public scrutiny, through talkback radio, on the government and its officials can lead to changes or at least a re-think on issues and decisions.

But not for Amy and Phil Garner. They have called this city home for nearly a decade after moving from NZ. They have two children, Ella, 6, and Ryan 4.

Ryan’s a gorgeous, cheeky little bloke. However, his blond locks and innocent smile mask some serious issues. He has been diagnosed with autism.


Despite having lived in Australia for 10 years, having paid taxes, rates and a mortgage – they have been left with no Federal Government support. I think it stinks.

Phil, now struggling with ee jobs, works as a delivery driver six days a week, and has taken on two part-time gym jobs to support his family – which means he rises each morning around 1am – catching sleep between shifts.

Many have asked why doesn’t the family simply return to NZ and others say the children, including Ryan, will be able to become citizens when they turn 10. However, as anyone with a child on the spectrum knows, early intervention is crucial – and by the time this little boy is eligible for assistance it might be too late. It is tough and it is unfair.

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