Message from David Faulkner

A message from David Faulkner, long-term advocate for Kiwis in Australia and first Chairman of Oz Kiwi:

“As the original Chairman back in the heady days of the birth of Oz Kiwi I recall that the original aim was to establish ourselves as the peak body dealing with politicians, unions, etc, on this very important issue.

I am proud to say that Oz Kiwi has surpassed my expectations in this respect, and that this professionalism was also commented on by Andrew Little and Phil Goff.

At the meeting in Sydney on Wednesday it was yet again raised that the sheer number of Kiwis in Australia should be a compelling force, but you cannot possibly expect even the most professional of volunteers to be totally effective on a shoestring budget.

If you want real change then please be prepared to grease the wheels of the organisation most likely to get you over the line. I feel that this is absolutely necessary if you wish Oz Kiwi to continue to grow as an effective advocate for the human rights of Kiwis in Oz.”

You can help Oz Kiwi by contacting Members of Parliament. Let them know of this issues faced by New Zealanders on Australia. Our Get Involved page has information and resources to help you.

Oz Kiwi is entirely funded by public donations. If you would like to help Oz Kiwi to do similar work in 2016, please consider making a donation.

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