David Cameron proposes four year waiting period for welfare payments

Oz Kiwi commentary

David Cameron’s proposal to introduce a four year waiting period before EU nationals would be allowed to access certain welfare payments has been slammed by the governments of a number of European nations. They have accused the UK of seeking to introduce ‘discrimination’, create ‘second-class citizens’, and ‘limit free movement’.

Oddly enough, we’d be delighted for Australia to introduce policies towards New Zealanders modelled on those proposed by the British Government – a four year residence requirement before accessing all government services is not unreasonable. Kiwis are not asking for much – just for a fair go.

Australian politicians can hardly be justified in saying Kiwis want ‘special treatment’ when all Kiwis are asking for is treatment that is considered in the only comparable free movement area to be ‘discrimination’ and ‘second-class’!

Commentary on [Telegraph UK source]

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