Assurances made detainees will receive fair hearing

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Recently the Australian and New Zealand Governments encouraged New Zealanders in immigration detention to accept being deported to NZ. They said agreeing to deportation would not jeopardise their appeals against their visa cancellations or result in them being slugged with hefty deportation fees.

However, it has since emerged that the Australian Immigration Department is forcing those wishing to return to NZ to sign forms in which they must agree to waive their right to appeal and pay the cost of their deportation.

This is completely unacceptable.

Whatever the detainees have done, they deserve to be treated in a manner that accords with normal standards of justice and fairness.

The New Zealand Government should also be able to expect much better than this from Australia. How can the relationship between the two countries thrive when Australia’s assurances to NZ count for nothing?

[Commentary on NZ Herald article]

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