Oz Kiwi Policy Options Paper

Oz Kiwi Policy Options
Date last modified: 25 July 2017

The Oz Kiwi Policy Options Paper of June 2015 has been updated to incorporate the new permanent visa, the New Zealand Steam 189 Visa announced by the Coalition Government on 19th February 2016.

The Policy Options paper broadly details six (6) policy options that, if adopted, would provide a fairer pathway to Australian citizenship for New Zealand citizens permanently residing in Australia, and resolve the consequences that have arisen from the:

  • implementation of the SCV for New Zealand citizens under the Migration Regulations (Cth); and
  • exclusion of New Zealand citizens from Social Security; and
  • exclusion of New Zealand citizens from the NDIS, HELP, Defence Force entry, and various Insurance policies.

Download a copy of the Oz Kiwi Policy Options Paper – July 2017

Oz Kiwi Policy Options Paper

Oz Kiwi Briefing Paper

The Oz Kiwi Briefing Paper is a background paper that provides historical context to the Trans-Tasman relationship, outlines the post-2001 legislative changes and their impacts on New Zealanders living in Australia.

Download a copy of the Oz Kiwi Oz Kiwi Briefing Paper (June 2013)


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