ANZ Bank insurance ‘worthless’ to Kiwis

Oz Kiwi comment

The position of large companies like ANZ on this issue is just pathetic.

In many cases, these companies have benefited substantially from the existence of a trans-Tasman single market, yet enact policies that screw-over trans-Tasman migrants by having insurance residence criteria that are as clear as mud. The irony of the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group refusing to recognise the special migration and residence arrangements that exist between Australia and New Zealand is quite remarkable.

Surely, New Zealanders who are allowed to reside permanently in Australia under the TTTA should be able to access insurance services in the same manners as all other lawful permanent residents

The denial of insurance to New Zealanders has already been challenged successfully in the past under anti-discrimination legislation. We hope future cases will be successful too.

Better than that, however, would be for the insurance industry to fix idiotic policies that are leaving hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders in Australia unsure whether their insurances policies are worth the paper they are written on.

Read the Stuff article about the Kiwi couple sold worthless insurance by ANZ.

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