Are you a Kiwi who settled in Australia before 27 February 2001?

Do you believe your position is secure and your rights protected?

02 September 2015

Think again.

Since the Abbott Government was elected it has enacted a number of pieces of legislation that treat supposedly ‘protected’ Kiwis as temporary residents.

The result is the Kiwis who arrived prior to the 2001 changes are now denied access to apprenticeship loans and re-employment incentives for the unemployed.

Kiwis on Norfolk Island are facing an even worse situation and will lose many more rights.

Slowly, but surely, the rights of long-term Kiwi residents are being whittled away.

The justification is that these Kiwis are now being treated ‘equally’ – equally that is with Kiwis who arrived after the 2001 changes, not equally with all other permanent residents!

We urge Kiwis who arrived before the 2001 changes to examine their options to protect their rights.

For most, the easiest and most beneficial option is to apply for Australian citizenship. The vast majority of ‘protected’ Kiwis are still eligible (although we don’t know how long this will continue to be the case!) and applications cost only $285.

It is a small price to pay for a great deal of security for you and your family.


Not a Protected SCV? Find out your options for citizenship.

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