New Zealanders trapped in Australia for good reasons

19 July 2013

The leader of a New Zealand migrants’ rights movement in Australia says personal circumstances mean a lot of New Zealanders can’t return home – and moving back isn’t that simple.

The Oz Kiwi campaign has been raising awareness of laws against New Zealand migrants.

Since 2001 New Zealanders have been barred from certain benefits, gaining employment in the government sector and the Australian Defence Force and voting rights – while Australians who live in New Zealand have access to those rights.

An Oz Kiwi spokesperson said many New Zealand migrants have moved away from Aotearoa for important reasons, and are prepared to work hard to contribute to the Australian economy.

She said people don’t go back to New Zealand because they simply can’t afford to, they no longer have the support mechanisms there, and because of safety reasons. She knows was sent to Australia on advice from the Women’s Refuge to protect her from domestic abuse she and her children suffered back home.

She also said those who can’t vote in Australia also lose their right to vote in New Zealand, and feel like second class citizens and totally disenfranchised.

[Read the Radio NZ article].

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