Trans-Tasman drop off

New Zealanders returning home
New Zealanders returning home in greater numbers. (Photo Brett Phibbs)

28 June 2013

TVNZ’s breakfast news show featured a story about Kiwis returning to New Zealand this morning.

“We want to know what’s truly stopping us from crossing the ditch. The slowdown is remarkable. 1,900 Kiwis went in May this year compared to 3,600 two years ago in May. Yet we’ve seen this very sudden slowdown.

It may be the negative media stories about “the plight of Kiwis” in Australia. The lack of access to social welfare, so anyone thinking about the adventure of going over there is now thinking twice. We’re also seeing a lot of Australians coming here, 1,300 in May.”

[The TVNZ article is no longer available online].


Statistics about New Zealanders living in Australia.

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